7 lessons about change from Pope Francis

Pope FrancisPope Francis is traveling the world, working to create peace and change. He just completed a visit to the United States and Cuba as part of his push to bring activism out of the Vatican and into the world arena.

Regardless of your opinion of him, his actions, or his beliefs, there are lessons everyone can learn from him about how to confront your personal issues and bring about change.

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Three Work Styles: Which are You?

three work stylesAn undeniably important step to creating a successful relationship is to understand some key aspects of yourself.  Among them is understanding how you choose to go about accomplishing a task. This can be anything from cleaning a house or office to planning for the future.  This can help you in friendships, romantic relationships, and in partnerships and teams in the workplace. Knowing your own work style and the style(s) of those around you, can help lower the stress and conflict around getting things done. Continue reading

Fantasy Football: Three Lessons To Learn

Fantasy Football

Yes, she’s a football fan.

It is that time of the year: Football season has arrived, and with it comes Fantasy Football.   In the last several years there has been an explosion of interest and participation in the past-time.

I called my daughter to wish her a happy birthday. She was delighted to hear from me and excited to talk, but she interrupted the conversation twice to take her turn in her fantasy draft.  Finally, she asked if she could call me back, saying she only had a few more players to pick and needed to concentrate.

I was fascinated by her behavior.

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6 Questions to ask if you are unsure about your relationship

6 Questions to ask yourself if unsure about relationship“Relationships seek to obtain: Level flight, nice buzz, floating down the river, hitting rapids, “wee that was fun,” return to level flight.” Margaret Martin

 How do I know when it is right? Am I settling? What if I am making a mistake? These are common questions to ask yourself after the romance cools. These are extremely hard questions to answer because, let’s face it, there is always someone better. After the initial rush is gone, there is always another exciting romance to be had. No matter what your age, there is always someone else who can give you that initial high.

Are you asking the right questions?

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