About Katherine

Meet Katherine Broadway

My credentials
– Master of Divinity, Duke University
– Licensed Professional Counselor
– Special focus on life transitions, relationship issues, addiction, depression and anxiety, ACOA, childhood trauma and abuse, life stress

I began working with people as a volunteer doing individual counseling sessions and leading small groups at a local alcohol and drug treatment center. I returned to school and earned a Master’s degree at Duke. I began my  full-time career as a substance abuse counselor at Wake County Alcoholism Treatment Center. After two years, I went into private practice, where I have worked for the last 23 years.

During that time, I have expanded my work to include people who are struggling with their lives or feel badly about themselves and their relationships. As a result, I have had the honor of seeing people transform unsatisfying lives and relationships into successful and happy ones.

Katherine Broadway (919)881-2001

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