The False Self as Witness

IMG_4048In the previous post,we asked the question,”Do you know your true self?” Today, let’s take a closer look at what the false self is, and how it develops.

As human beings, we need a witness: a person to see what we do and feel, and to reflect back to us. That enables us to put words to our experiences, making it possible to give meaning to our lives. As we mature, the external witness is incorporated into the self, creating the ability to give meaning from the inside. Continue reading

Do You Know Your True Self?

true selfDo you ever feel like you are looking at the world from a distance; that there is a screen between yourself and others? It may be because you are living out of a false self rather than your true self.

Deep inside of you lives your true self. The true self is that part of you that feels at home in your body and your life. It is based on spontaneous, authentic experiences of feeling alive. Continue reading

The Black Cat: Breaking the Spell of Fear

black catA couple was walking along the boardwalk at the beach when a black cat ran across their path. The man said, “OH NO, Is this a bad omen?” His wife responded, “But you like kitties!”

That much was true. He remembered that as a child he had cats, and some of them were black. As an adult, however, he had forgotten the fun and joy he once associated with cats. As he moved through life, he experienced a number of bad and dangerous things. Continue reading