Couples Therapy


couples can Learn how to communicate to improve your relationship

Couples counseling can improve your relationshipIMAGO THERAPY is a counseling method for couples developed by Harvel Hendrix and his wife Helen Hunt. They believe that it is possible to have a satisfying relationship in which you can learn to work out your differences through ways to ensure each partner is heard and honored. This is accomplished by learning some basic tools, the most important being THE COUPLES DIALOGUE.

Using this powerful IMAGO technique, you can change the way you discuss, debate and talk to one another. What you say will be mirrored back to you with empathy and validation.

You will learn to hear one another in a deeper and more fulfilling way that does not depend on agreement, but on mutual respect. In the end, you and your partner can establish an atmosphere of trust and safety so you can build a happier home.

Katherine Broadway (919) 2001

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