Reflections on a Sudden Snow

Reflections on a sudden snowLooking out my window, the garden looks pretty. The apricot tree is full of beautiful pink blossoms. The day lilies are green and bunching up. The irises are tall and beautiful. I am thinking that they may have buds on them. Suddenly, I remember it is January. The day lilies should not be green and forming beautiful bunches. The irises should not be tall and gorgeous. They should be dormant, below ground and resting.

The plants in my garden are confused. Should they be growing? Some innate programing says they should, but what I know is that it is not the time for them to be so beautiful.

I sit in front of my computer cold and shivering, needing to turn the heat up because the temperature has dropped below my comfort zone. I know my beautiful plants are cold as well. The warmth has deserted them and today the sun is nowhere to be found.

As I ponder the situation, I look outside and, to my surprise, see tiny snowflakes falling. I am amazed! Where did this come from? Of course, this is not a logical question. I know where snowflakes come from. It is a question of wonder and confusion.

It makes me think of the uncertainty of life. We do not know what will happen tomorrow. What unexpected and untimely event will arrive? What meeting have I forgotten? Will I go home and receive news that will change my life forever? In this world of unexpected occurrences, how do we feel safe and secure?

When we are children, our parents provide safety and security for us. A warm home, good food, nurture and love. Or do they? For many, their basic needs were inadequately met, if they were met at all. These children grow into insecure, frightened, angry, sad adults. It is hard for them to believe that life will turn out okay; that time moves on and we will survive, possibly even prosper.

Life is hard, but in the midst of it all there is peace, joy and goodness. There are people who care and are willing to help. We can build the resiliency to endure and grow.

I hear the wind rattling the garden gate. The snowflakes are gone as quickly as they came. The only evidence that remains is a wet street. Cars zoom past as if nothing has happened, while I am left with wonder and some confusion.

Life’s quick changes can leave us in a state of wonder or in a state of great pain. It depends on what the unexpected event is, how severe it is, who we have to share it with and how we respond to it.

Perhaps you are going through a life change that has left you depressed and in pain, and it feels like there is no hope of things getting better.  There is hope and I can help you find your way through this hard time.

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