Happiness Quota: How Happy Are You Allowed to Be?

Happiness QuotaImagine this scene: A mother is in the hospital just having given birth to her baby. She is excited and happy. The nurse gives her the newborn. The baby turns her head toward mother and snuggles.

The baby is searching for warmth and comfort. The child probably is not hungry because it has just spent nine months with all its needs met. The baby is mostly traumatized and seeking comfort and safety. Continue reading

7 Behaviors That Hurt You and Your Relationships, and 5 Questions to Help You Improve

7 behaviors that hurt you and your relationships, and 5 questions to help you improveDo you find yourself feeling taken for granted in your relationships?

Do you feel like you are the one who gives more and receives less?

Do you feel unsure of how important you are to your friends, family

and lovers? Unconsciously, you may be teaching people to treat

you in a careless way by your behaviors.

John once again was feeling as if no one cared about what he needed or wanted. He and his wife had just returned from a much-needed vacation. They agreed that she would make most of the arrangements for the trip. He thought he was very clear that he did not want to go on any long guided trips. On the first day of the trip, however, John learned his first activity was an all-day guided bus tour on a bus with a lot of people. Continue reading

4 Ideas to Make Your Morning Better

Good morning

There are two kinds of people when the alarm goes off – those who love mornings, and those who don’t.

People who love to get out of bed wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. They are generally cheerful, happy and positive just because it is morning. They need nothing special and no encouragement to start their day.

On the other hand, there are those self-proclaimed morning haters. The alarm goes off and their first action of the day is to slam their hand down on the snooze button. They return to the realm of sleep as soon as possible and groan when the alarm goes off again.

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