Therapy myths

These are some common myths about therapy that you might have heard or believe — and which can make it difficult for you to seek help.

It’s too expensive!

Actually, studies have shown that in some cases, people who invest in therapy for their children, families, or themselves notice an increase in their income. Why? Because going to therapy allows them to work through some of the blocks in their lives, thus increasing their productivity and/or ability to manage their work, their finances and their lives. Any good mental health therapist should be more than willing to work with you on your specific situation so you can succeed.

I don’t have any time!

What is your happiness worth? Is it worth it to you to be free of the daily stress and anxiety that you may be experiencing? If you could carve 45-90 minutes out of your week to have some time just for you, to work on yourself or your relationship, thus experiencing hope and insight for your life, would you do it? Aren’t you worth the time and money it takes to improve your life and relationships? Are you on the road often? Want to save in travel time? We can schedule an online Skype session instead.

Therapy is only for crazy people!

Again, this is another myth that is slowly being debunked in our society. If it were up to me, EVERYONE would be in therapy. Talk therapy has been proven to be very successful in helping people with their depression, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, and a whole host of other things. People seek the help of a therapist if they need some gentle guidance during a transition in their life, for relationship support, and to seek clarity and peace of mind.

But, I can talk to my friends and family just as well!

True, our friends and family are a wonderful support system. However, a friendship is a two-way street; it is shared 50-50 and could be a little biased. Your time with a therapist is 100% yours, and only yours. You receive trained, unbiased feedback you friends or family may not be able to provide. A therapist will create a safe space to put aside the kids, employers, friends, etc. and focus on your needs and what is bothering you.

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