Life is a Journey to Your True Self: Creating Goals


Now that you have compiled all this information about yourself, you can begin to identify your deepest values, core beliefs, passions and motives. The true self is made up of these things.

Life is a journey worth taking. To make the trip enjoyable, you need to create goals that come from your true self. The goals you set become the compass for your life. Not all goals are accomplished, but they still lead you forward in your life.

Goals need to lead us to success.

You can’t take a trip without a destination. What is your definition of success? Is it about material possessions, spiritual values, relationships, learning, personal growth or a combination of these? Describe it in as much detail as possible. How will you know you have reached it?

I wish I could!

Goals are whatever you want them to be. One place to find them is your “I wish I could” list. Listen to yourself when you hear that phrase. It is telling you that you are not paying attention. You can do far more that you believe you can. Step out to experience new things and you will find that you “could.” Some goals and wishes take time to achieve and are achievable.

Approve and Celebrate

Once you have your goals written and are making progress to accomplish them, start celebrating your efforts. Give yourself approval for everything you do, even the mistakes. Mistakes are valuable and can teach you many necessary things.

Approval and celebration connects your work and efforts to positive emotions. It keeps you motivated to keep taking action toward the completion of your goals. Without rewards, celebration and approval, motivation dwindles.

Life is a journey; personal growth continues your whole life. Celebrating your true self and your process keeps you moving forward.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Oprah Winfrey

Believe yourself.

During this process it is important to separate what you think from the ideas of others. As you develop your goals and ask yourself these questions, believe your answers. Writing down the answers to these questions gives you a way to remember your thoughts and feelings. When you get confused or your Harsh Inner Critic begins to criticize you, you will have your beliefs and ideas written down.

Your thoughts, feelings and goals are the most important things in your world. If you are having trouble hearing yourself, I can listen and help you hear. Call me at: 919-881-2001.

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